The group Vaivén explores the depths of public space, incorporating their richness within the presentation. Vaivén is a wave in motion, constantly mixing its waters. Danced poetry, quotidian tracks, dream tones, city susurrus, passers-by, migratory birds, raindrops, talking stones, limning architecture and flying thoughs unite in musical and choreographic landscapes.

Since 2002, Nathalie Hünermund and Peter Friedrich have been working under the name Vaivén with artists from a number of genres, creating performances and installations, aiming at blending the genres and dissolving the stage.

vaivén (Spanish)
- the swaying of a body which, whether coming or going, always describes the same path. Vaivén also means meeting and risk, and tells of the transience of things.

Waves come and go in a continual, slow, marked, rhythmic, constant movement. Their repetition is inexhaustible, methodical, endless.

"Nathalie Hünermund"
Nathalie Hünermund

Nathalie Hünermund (directing, aerial dance)

  • born in 1971 – lives in Berlin
    Aerial dancer and actress Nathalie Hünermund was educated at the Berlin Circus School (1997-1999). She worked with a variety of theatre groups in Germany, and has toured the Czech Republic and Mexico. At present, she is performing at the Berlin State Opera and the Munich Kammerspiele, and also taking part in aerial dance choreographies throughout Germany.

"Peter Friedrich"
Peter Friedrich

Peter Friedrich (directing, scenography)

  • born in 1967 – lives in Berlin
    Stage designer and architect Peter Friedrich designed sets for productions of the Berliner Ensemble and Stadttheater Bremerhaven among others. He collaborated on stage designs at the Opera in Frankfurt and Cologne and, for several years, worked as associate stage designer for director Robert Wilson (e.g. “the black rider” London 2004; Los Angeles 2006).


"Kazue Ikeda"
Kazue Ikeda

Kazue Ikeda (dance, choreography) Lotislapus (Barcelona 2007); Apokatastasis (Munich 2006)

  • Born 1966 ? lives in Berlin;
  • Trained in Osaka and New York
  • Worked with The Kevin Wynn Collection, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Co., Anna Sokolow Players Project, Sascha Waltz, Christian Ziegler amongst others.
  • Award for ?best German dance solo?, Leipzig 1999.
  • Engagement at the Stadttheater Oldenburg in 2000.
  • Artist in residence at the Tanzfabrik Berlin.
  • Kazue Ikeda?s choreographies and solo projects have been performed in Germany, Japan and the USA.

"Ayu Saraswati"
Ayu Saraswati

Gusti Ayu Saraswati (dance) Lotislapus (Barcelona 2007); Apokatastasis (Munich 2006)

  • born 1972 ? lives in Munich
  • Her dance contains the magic of ritual. Born into a family of musicians on Bali/Indonesia, Ayu Saraswati started learning ceremonial dance at a very early age.
  • Since 1995 she has lived in Munich. In her work, Ayu Saraswati hitches a traditional background to contemporary forms of expression.

"Bettina Koziol"
Bettina Koziol

Bettina Koziol (song, composition, tanpura) Lotislapus (Barcelona 2007)

  • Lives in Munich;
  • Bettina Koziol studied classical song and jazz at Munich?s Richard-Strauss-Conversatorium
  • Interpretation, composition and arrangement, particularly of new music, jazz and avant-garde Pop.
  • In 1998, Koziol founded the avant-garde ensemble ?nada?, which she also composes for.
  • She regularly participates in national and international radio, film, television and theatre productions. On tour, and thanks to the residences she has been granted, Bettina Koziol has travelled through Europe, and visited the USA, Argentina and India.
  • Her albums: “Steine” [Stones] ; “Panta Rei” [All is motion] (Nada);

"Anke van Engelshoven"
Anke van Engelshoven

Anke van Engelshoven (aerial acrobatics, dance) Lotislapus (Barcelona 2007)

  • Born 1978 ? lives in Berlin;
  • Trained in stage acrobatics and craft at the Zirkusschule in Berlin
  • Plays as aerial acrobat both solo and as part of the “Nightflight” duo with circus and varietés engagements in Germany, Israel, India, China, Hungary, etc.
  • from autumn 2007 has an engagement with ?cirqe du soleil? in Madison Square Garden, N.Y.

"Sebi Tramontana"
Sebi Tramontana

Sebi Tramontana (trombone soloist, acting) Apokatastasis (Munich 2006)

  • Born 1960 – lives in Munich;
  • Sebi Tramontana extends the acoustic potential of his trombone with a targeted range of mutes and other accessories, as well as digital manipulation by means of laptop.
  • Member of various groups including the Italian Instabile Orchestra.
  • Gives solo performances and plays in various constellations, including together with Mario Schiano, Giovanni Maier, Ken Vandermark, Georg Graewe, Phil Wachsmann, Mats Gustafsson, Joëlle Léandre, Carlos Zingaro, Frank Gratkowski, Thomas Lehn, Axel Dörner, Ab Baars, Nu Ensemble, George Lewis and 48 Nord.
  • His duo project with Paul Lovens for Buster Keaton?s silent film “The General” was a resounding success in much of Europe.

"Max Bauer"
Max Bauer

Max Bauer (sound composition) Lotislapus (Barcelona 2007); Apokatastasis (Munich 2006)

  • Born 1966 – lives in Berlin;
  • Live-performance of his own sound compositions and noise performances. On stage his homemade sounds are mixed in with his own pre-produced studio effects
  • Sounds for films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Romuald Karmakar, Sönke Wortmann, Caroline Link, Gernot Roll.
  • Worked together with the EXPO 2000 in Hanover and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich.
  • Performances as live sound-maker included appearances in the Bundeskunsthalle (the art and exhibition hall of the Federal Republic of Germany) (Bonn), in der Fondation Cartier (Paris) and in the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.
  • In 2006, Max Bauer received funding for his own production, figure8race REMIX, from the Capital Culture fund.